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Historical Timeline

Aug. 2006,  FunCity Inc. was founded by Andy Chen

Sep. 2008,  FunCity Inc. started operating the first web game ---Magic Campus

Dec.2008, Magic Campus released OB test.

Jun. 2009,  Magic Campus launched to Vietnam

Aug.2009,  FunCity’s second client-free web game The Last Conqueror began no-delete closed beta test

Dec. 2009,  Magic Campus released open beta

Mar. 2010,  The number of registered Magic Campus players reached 50 million

Apr. 2010,  FunCity Inc. launched the game portal of for all Chinese players

May 2012, FunCity acquired 40 million VC investment

Jun. 2010,  FunCity’s games had published in up to 20 countries

Aug. 2010,  The third self-developing title Fantasy City launched closed beta

Aug. 2010,  FunCity Cultural and Creative Industrial Fund was set up

Sep. 2010,  Tales of Doomsday commenced closed beta

Jan. 2011,   ShuiHu Hero commenced no-delete closed beta

May.2011, FunCity moved to its new plaza, which covers over 3000 square meters

Jun. 2011, Kungfu Monkey King commenced closed beta

May. 2012, Kongfu Monkey King was officially launched onto Tencent open platform

Aug .2012, FunCity cultural creative industry Fund successfully incubated the APP: Kuaidi Taxi

Aug.2012, New Fantasy City released OB test, with more than 10 million-RMB revenue coming in the first month

Nov.2012, Sword & Magic was published and launched onto the major domestic SNS platforms

Dec.2012, Myth World released OB